Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Sit with that sentence for a few moments.

When I first heard it, I dismissed it as ridiculous. Too simple. Too trite. Too obvious.

It is all of those things, but underneath there’s truth.

We could use the tired old saying that goes something like this: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Tired and overused words? Yes. But again there’s truth.

I’m at a point in life, again, where I’m about to flip everything upside down. Moving house. Moving studios. Heading into the US for the Supernatural Conventions (watch out, Chicago because I’m heading your way!!!)

So why change? Why all this effort to shake thing up in a very big way?

Because we humans love our routines. They feel safe. What I did last Monday, I’ll be doing again next Monday. That kind of thing.

When you know what to expect, you can shift to auto pilot. Go through the motions only.

Dislike your job? Complain about it. It’s far easier.

Dislike your neighbourhood? Suffer. Moving is a ton of work.

Want to travel? Watch TV about travelling instead.

But that kind of life is, in my mind, little death. Yes, you’re breathing and living but are you LIVING?

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what regrets would you have?

Mine would be settling. Living the 2 car, picket fence life that was laid out for me as a chidl in the 70s as the golden goose. Happily making roasts on Sunday and complaining about the weather.

In other words, not being true to who I really am.

I am an artist with BIG ambitions. I’m crazy and funny and loud and awkward. I’m spontaeous and often leap and then look.

And I’m not content settling.

But this kind of shake up isn’t for everyone.

You’re all not as crazy as me lol

So, the trick is to figure out what you can change and change it.

When my kids were really little and it was all I could do to hold everything together, I would take different routes while driving. That was all the change I could manage.

But I got to know my city really well (we were just outside of Toronto then). And I found my kids enjoyed seeing the views. It ended up being really nice.

Right now, when I eat out, I go for items I’ve never had before. I’ve fallen in love with Indian food in a way I never expected. And let’s talk about Vietnamese food too.

OMG now I’m hungry.

Small things, not big hairy scary moves, but both ended up being good changes.

So, what can you do differently in your life?

Because nothing changes if nothing changes.

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