Concrete Goals Give Concrete Results

I’m part of a mastermind group for creative professionals. It is so worth it to have a close group of people who are doing the exact same journey. Each in our own way, but still, we get it.

And one thing came up this week that really resonated with me. Concrete Goals Give Concrete Results

I bolded that because it matters. So what does this mean? How does it work?

Say that you’re looking to lose some weight or feel better about yourself. Which goal do you think will work better:

1. I want to love myself and maybe watch what I eat more. I think I should exercise2. this week, I’m going to add a serving of fruit to my lunch every day, and I am going to walk 5,000 steps between dinner and bed time.

Of course, number two immediately has more power. Definitive things you can do instead of the vague ones.

Right now, in my current state of madly painting and still trying to have a day job, I have been describing myself as a plate of pasta. Spaghetti.

If you take that pasta and toss it into the air, that’s me. My state of mind. My level of inner chaos. I’m a hot, noodley mess.

What’s getting me through this inner chaos are concrete goals. Commitments I make to myself with definite goals in a short timeline. And because my state of chaos is so high, I’ve been making lists of things I need to achieve each day.

Concrete goals geared to help me get things done. Like writing this email. I’m out of here early today (yesterday for you) so I needed to add it to my compressed to do list. And look! It worked!

I highly recommend having goals. Ones that are doable, have measurable outcomes and can be achieved with small changes. You’ll be surprised at how well they work.

And as for me, I am still a noodley chaotic mess, but I feel better about myself because I am still getting things done.

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