What are you for?

I just finished a call with one of my artist friends. An amazing artist who isn’t doing as well as she should be doing.

She’s facing the same issues I am, so the thoughts I had for myself, percolating in the background, came out full force for her. I was surprised actually by how formed they were to be honest.

I’m also back into the full swing for Finding Inclusivity again. What joy to be talking with women who are on interesting and incredible journeys.

But there’s a common thread through both of these things, a question I see asked time and again: what are you for?

What is your purpose in life?
How do you want to move through the world?
What is your legacy and impact?

Because, talking with my friend, it was obvious she was focusing on the wrong thing. Her purpose isn’t to make art. It really isn’t. It’s to help people feel and hold energy.

Weird, right?

Some of her pieces energize the viewers, some create an oasis of calm. She is not selling art, she is selling those feelings. Art just happens to be the tool she uses.

And I get so many women telling me they have no story, and then blam-o, have big ones. It’s because they are not conscious of their purpose. Their why.

So, even if you’re not creative, I want you to pause and think about your purpose. What are you for?

Because we all have one, even if we’re not conscious of it. And imagine what you can do when you ARE conscious of it.

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