Be a relentless force

I read a lot of science articles. Fact based stuff. My interests range across the board.

And one thing that gets me, and it’s been said before, is that science exists even if you don’t believe in it.

Think about it: you may not believe in the tide, but it comes in and out every day regardless. It doesn’t need your belief to do what it’s done for millennia.

Plants grow. Kittens are born. The sun shines. All without your belief.

They are relentless.

You know, we’ve all done things that the people around us don’t believe in. For me, it was flipping from introvert to extrovert. Turning my life upside down. Claiming my place as an artist.

Outside of my closest friends, no one supported me in this. Not a one.

But I did the things without their belief. I was, and am, relentless.

And this is what I mean by “be a relentless force”. Exist. Do. Create. Be. Be who you are without the belief. Do the things anyway.

Because what other people think shouldn’t matter. What is an established way of doing things, or living, should be tossed out.

Because this is the time to look around and see what’s broken and CHANGE IT ALL relentlessly.

And you can start small, with yourself. Break some rules, forge a new path, dare to see yourself differently.

Be a relentless force. And though it doesn’t matter, and shouldn’t change anything, I believe in you.

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