Are you afraid to do something? You need to read this

Last week, I was talking with a dear friend of mine, who reminded me of a Facebook comment I once made that stuck with her.

The actual post was about doing something big that required courage. I don’t remember what it was specifically but maybe it was travelling by yourself around the world. Maybe it was doing something big with your life.

One of my friends had written, “I’d be afraid to do this.”

And I had commented, “I’d be afraid not to.”

Two years ago, I had reached the tipping point in my life where something, everything, needed to change. Up until that point, I had spent my life being afraid to face my dreams and live up to my potential.

Obviously I’m not there now. Right now I am days away from flying to Spain by myself to write my book. I’m leaving my kids for 13 days to write my book. And I’m doing it not because I want to get away but because I’m more afraid not to write that book.

That my need to do something big, allowing myself to step out of the norm and expectations, overwhelms my fear of doing it.

And I have fears. So many fears. What if I stare at the screen and can’t get the words out? What if I spend all my time wandering around the beach, playing pool in bars and never have the discipline to sit down and get shit done?

Who the hell do I think I am to be writing a fucking BOOK?

But I acknowledge those fears and let the biggest one of all take over: I’d be afraid not to.

Not to write the book, and grow old with regrets of opportunities missed.

Not to share my art, and miss out on the connections I have with so many wonderful people.

Not to do things, even though I’ve made mistakes in doing them, because not doing them means I’ve not honoured my soul.

And in this journey I’m on, I’ve learned one big thing: that sometimes the right fear can be a strong guide. That courage comes from choosing the fear that moves you our of your stuck place and into something wild and new and wonderful.

So when you face choices in your life, ask yourself: are you more afraid to do the thing or more afraid not to?

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