My word for 2018 is…

ha ha ha You don’t get it that easily lol I’m going to make you read some words FIRST.

Every year instead of resolutions, I like to pick a word for the year. Something to focus on.

Like a theme.

My word for 2017 was LEAP. And boy did I leap.

I used it to give me courage when I went to do big things like interview 100+ strangers.

Or meet some pretty big names.

Or put my art on an international stage.

Or fucking fly to Europe. Twice.

LEAP has served me well this year. Even though there was some pretty big shit that happened, my year was FULL.

So I’ve been thinking about my word for 2018. Playing with ideas. Talking with a few people in general about goals and plans.

Playing with my friends online. Words with Friends. Winning some (suckers!!!) and losing some (boooo!).

Playing Wii with my spawn.

Hell, getting into Skyrim on the Xbox. I was eaten by wolves but I’m going to try again.

Playing in my sketchbook with paint and lines and just mess.

Playing as I walk. I got new glasses in November with a special kind of multi-focal lens and suddenly I can see properly where my feet are going. I don’t get vertigo on the stairs any more. I started skipping down stairs in Spain and haven’t stopped yet.

Hell, I can judge distance so much better in general, it’s like having my body back. My younger body.

(side note: if you wear progressive lenses and are maybe having vertigo issues or whatever, odds are the glasses are at fault. Everyone told me it was normal aging but it wasn’t. So there. Wide angle progressive lenses at Lenscrafters are amazing).

Notice something that’s going on?

My word for 2018 is PLAY.

Playing is something I am deliberately giving myself permission to do. It’s not a waste of time, it’s necessary. Wonderful.

It puts me in the zone naturally the way painting does.

It lightens my steps.

It adds light to my life.

And it’s fucking fun.

What’s your word of the year going to be? Skip the resolutions that only show where you are lacking, and ADD something to your life instead.

Want to join me in PLAY? I think it would rock.

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