Have you ever looked around at your life and wondered if this is all there was?

The dreams that used to light you up, somehow were lost along the way. The plans, great big huge, terrifying plans, discarded for the 9-5.

Tonight, you’re going home to heat up frozen chicken for your sullen teenage children who won’t eat the vegetables and bicker loudly enough that you find yourself reaching for the wine again and it’s only 6 pm.

What happened to the vibrant, creative dreamer you used to be? Now your Saturday night is filled with shitty cable made for tv movies and cheap vodka because quantity over quality, am I right?

You NEED to Wake The Fuck Up!

Life is not supposed to be a series of disappointments, surrendering your dreams because it’s the thing everyone else does. I call BULLSHIT on that!

This book is all about finding yourself again through a series of simple steps and exercises. Changing your perception and perspective.

Finding your voice and shouting HELL YES! when life comes calling at your door wearing a slinky dress and a sultry attitude, with lipstick just this shade of too red and you are completely here for that.

Stepping into your courage wearing the Docs you still hung onto though the 90s are long past and your emo phase is a closely guarded secret.

Deciding that you too deserve to travel now, create art now, do the things NOW that make your insides quiver and you breath come quicker.

Written by Paula Mould, artist and author who had such a powerful Wake The Fuck Up moment that she ran through her life with swords, carving her initials in everything worth keeping and tossing the rest aside in the most cavalier way possible, this book is designed to guide you through reclaiming what’s yours: your own damn life on your terms.

Available NOW!

Do you want to put the fire back in your life? Make the changes that help you fall in love with being alive all over again? This book, with it’s easy to do steps and daily exercises can help you create the life of your dreams.

Roughly 250 pages, available on Amazon!